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Will's Hills work-outs begin at the (former) YWCA where the group meets and then jogs to various locations along the Buffalo Bayou for a warm-up. The warm-up involves various running drills for about five to seven minutes. The work-outs generally consist of a course that's designed to help runners develop speed, endurance, and strength. Our work-outs vary each day and change each week. Our schedule can be found by clicking on the button above. Our training routine usually involes:

We incorporate:

The work-outs are designed to help each runner, regardless of fitness, have fun, be challenged, and quickly develop cardiovascular fitness. After completing the running portion of our work-out we do five to eight minutes of plyometrics and strength training. We jog back to the (former) YWCA for about 10-15 minutes of stretching and calisthenics.

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