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Adult workouts start at 5:45am

C'mon out and join us, we run mostly Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the spring. We usually meet in the parking lot of Spotts Park. Located right off of Waugh and Memorial Drive (401 S. Heights Blvd. 77007). Please check the Adult Schedule because occasionally we start from a different location. Has the session already begun? Don't worry...just email me...and we will get you up and running in no time. Please read on...

This session involves, "Fall Training", which means longer runs, a bit longer duration hill workouts and a little less emphasis on speed.

Remember training is balance...how to push your body to it's peak level of fitness without over training and risking possible injury. By training with other runners of many different abilities you can always find someone to help push you to that next level. Make the commitment and get ready to run.


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Will's Hills provides a lightly competitive environment and wonderful support network that can provide the extra motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on being highly supportive, cohesive and above all sarcastic:-)

Will's Hills consists of runners of all ages and running levels.

New? Just looking to get faster? Want something "different"?
Getting too much sleep:-)...Well this session works for that too!

We help you develop both stamina and speed, encouraging not only running fitness, but total body fitness. We use a combination of various running workouts, plyometrics and calisthenics. Workouts also include push-ups, core work, stretching and more. The complete workout usually takes a little over one hour. Our runners get in shape and have fun too.

So what are you waiting for? Come out and join us for a workout or two! It's free to try! If you do start coming out on a regular basis we ask that you help support our charities and the promotion of running through ill's Hills. The suggested donation is $50 for your initial session which includes, a new cool technical Will's Hills' singlet (which might make you faster just by wearing it), Gatorade, and water. After your initial session a $40 donation per session is suggested. Don't worry if the session has already started, just email me and we will get you going ASAP!

Personal financial recession? Hey...Don't worry, we work with all runners regardless of their financial status.

To join is simple - email me. I'll confirm dates and times and the location of our workout(s). Our schedule is also posted here on the web site, just visit the Schedule see our entire session of workouts.

When you come out to a workout bring a towel, exercise (Yoga) mat, and a signed copy of this (adult) Will's Hills Release Form. You can make your (secure online) donation for a Will's Hills season here.

Hope to see you soon,


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